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NT-Design Forschung & Entwicklung

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Municipality Söll

Pölven 18, A-6306 Söll



ATU 40717505

Andreas Seiwald

The company was founded in January 1996 by Mr. Andreas Seiwald. The aim of the company is to provide you with the latest Entwicklunswerkzeugen, such as CAD, CAE and FEA customers a top quality product.

We are aware of the responsibility to offer a product to meet the needs of the customer completely. Especially in our main application area corresponded to the recent developments in no way today's modern technical standards.

We are still a relatively young company that is why we want to convince with a lot of ambition, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit to customers of our performance.

NT-Design has years of experience in the retarder technic, especially for eddy current brakes where we know exactly what solutions or claims it arrives at a result of these also pass to the customer.

We see the customer shall at all times be able to offer a high quality product development with the associated service.