FEM- Magnetic fields

VectorFields Opera V17

Magnetic fields are not measurable or material displayed and can be detected and measured only in the air gap with the Hall probe (Gauss meter). This causes enormous difficulties in the interpretation of the magnetic circuit. With the help of FEM simulation, magnetic materials and magnetic fields in the air gap can be represented perfectly.

Thus, let magnetic circuits, no matter what application it is precisely construct without the are a significant number of prototypes in order to optimize the system to customize. This saves considerable development time and costs.

The same is true for eddy current applications, especially here it is hardly possible without a corresponding development FEM afford to, because eddy currents in the material are neither measurable nor in the air gap. This primarily concerns the section "eddy current brakes". With the FEM simulation, the performance of the eddy current brake can be determined to within accuracy of +/- 5%, an indispensable advantage to earlier development methods.